lose weight with fruits and vegetables
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Losing weight has never been an easy task for people who intend to lose weight. It is not because they don’t put in effort to lose weight the pounds they have gained over time as some people tend to believe.

It is solely because weight gain takes place over a period of time, it accumulates and has to be put in check immediately it is noticed.

Most people tend to body sham people because of their weight not knowing how devastating it is to body shame people.

But be that as it may, this article seeks to encourage you to be confident in the fact that weight gained can be lost only if you are determined because in life, “No pain, No gain”.

There are various factors that can lead to weight gain and they are:

  • Consumption of junk foods
  • Addiction to food
  • Insulin deficiency
  • Genetics
  • Certain medications
  • Poor sleeping habit
  • Sedentary activities
  • Pregnancy
  • Late night eating amongst other things

Weight gain has been associated with various cardiovascular disease, low esteem and confidence, depression and other various issues which individuals undergo differently.

Biochemically, the major source of energy for the body is sugar (glucose residue to be precise).

When we consume foods rich in carbohydrates to fill up our energy requirements, the body breaks down the complex sugars in the food into their simpler units to give us energy and the excess is stored as glycogen for use when the glucose level of the body becomes low and then the rest is stored as fat in the adipose tissue, hence weight gain begins to occur if these storage forms are not depleted in the course of time.

Weight gain occurs in different parts of the body, and depending on the part it occurs, it determines how fast the weight can be lost.

Another factor that can aid one’s weight loss is if they can eliminate the reasons they feel makes them gain more weight and be consistent with it.

Most people want to lose weight fast and with ease.
lose weight without exercise
lose weight without exercise

So to lose weight, one has to learn the habit of fasting so as to deplete the accumulated energy stores one has in the reserves the body makes use of.

But most people ask “how can I survive without eating solid food for a while” ?.

Well to sustain yourself if you want to lose weight, your body only needs some particular amount of sugar at a particular time and period to sustain you for the day’s activities. And that is where fruits and vegetables can play a very vital role.

Fruits contain various forms of sugar (Non-synthetic) which the body can metabolize to give you the required energy you need at a point in time.

Some people may choose to lose weight gained simply by engaging in physical activities such as running, jogging, swimming, cycling, weight lifting, amongst other ways.

But at some point, they get bored and may stop all these activities. But with fruits and vegetables, you can never go wrong nor get bored because all that is needed is your creativity so as to be consistent with the new found regimen.

Innovative Ways To Consume Fruits & Vegetables So As To Lose Weight

Listed below are some creative ways by which you can lose weight with fruits and vegetables.


Most times, we crave soda because of how sweet it is.

fruity water helps to lose weight
fruity water helps to lose weight

But truth be told, if you want to lose weight, then soda has to be kicked out of your system because it contains a whole lot of synthetic sugar which you don’t want pilling up in your system.

So a good replacement for soda is for you to blend your fruits, extract the juice and then add it in portions to your water in a ratio that you would feel comfortable with.

And the beautiful part about this is that unlike soda, you don’t feel thirsty after consuming it.


Variety they say is the spice of life. So when you want to lose weight with fruits and vegetables, go for varieties.

lose weight with fruits and vegetables

For instance, you can have a plate filled with carrots, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce and other fruits as well as vegetables of different taste and colour so as not to get bored while consuming it.


Snacks have always played a vital role in our daily lives. Most times when we don’t come across food, we reach out for a snack or two just to keep our hunger level down to the barest minimum.

Most snacks which we tend to consume tend not to aid us in losing weight.

say no to junks

So rather than consuming snacks that won’t aid us to lose weight, why not get creative and make our own home made snack with different fruits and vegetable.

If you are to make use of flour, ensure that the ratio of fruits & vegetables exceeds the quantity of flour used.


Fasting has proven to be a good way to help one lose weight with ease. Though it has it perks but if you can go on with it, then you should try it out.

intermittent fasting to lose weight
intermittent fasting to lose weight

There are different types of fast one can observe, but have you tried fruit fast. It is a type of fasting where you “only” consume fruits and vegetables.

If you can’t do fruits only, then you can add proteins to your diet avoiding carbohydrate rich meal as much as you can.


To lose weight with fruits and vegetables, you need to be so conscious of the amount of carbohydrate you consume on a daily basis.

Fruits and vegetables are fibrous in nature (they are indigestible by humans because we lack the digestive enzymes required to break them down into their simple units).


And as such when consumed prior to a meal, they cause you to feel very full because they contain indigestible sugar residues and we humans lack the enzymes required to degrade them. Hence, it gives you the ability to consume just a little amount of food.


Smoothies are delicious blend of whole fruits and veggies which when included in diet plan, helps one to lose weight with ease.

smoothie helps us to lose weight
smoothie helps us to lose weight

It has been proven that people tend to consume much calories during lunch and at such, a strict regimen should be created to cover up lunch.

You can choose to be creative with lunch and decide to consume various types of smoothies during lunch hours.

And the beautiful thing about making smoothies is that you can get various tutorials online on how to make them and spice them up to suite your taste.


To lose weight with vegetables and fruits requires a great deal of effort and commitment. Sometimes you may feel like giving up when the going gets tough.

But how about joining or creating a community for people who intend losing weight with mostly vegetables and fruits as their basic diet.

It would help you stay on track, share your progress and also gives you a feeling of satisfaction knowing too well that you are not alone on the journey.


expomaster peace of mind
expomaster peace of mind

One’s emotional health should “always” be put in check. because it is a widely known phenomenon that when the mind is at distress, reckless decisions would be made, one would fall into a lacuna.


So stay away from anything that could cause you to be stressed and drained emotionally, because by then, it causes your body to make use of more energy which can only be provided mostly by carbohydrate rich meals and you know what would happens when you renege right???,

you get addicted to carbohydrate rich foods and may not be able to salvage the weight loss process.

9. ALE:

how to lose weight with ale
how to lose weight with ale

Most people love to give themselves treat with some bottles of chilled ale, just to get over a certain mood, or for relaxation, while some do so just for the love of it.

Whatever your reason may be, since we are trying to lose weight with fruits and vegetables, why not learn to brew your own home made ale with fruits such as ginger, apple, bitter leaf amongst other fruits and vegetables you would want to experiment with.


As much as we are stressing on losing weight with vegetables and fruits, it is vital to note that staying active can and should never be overlooked because exercise helps one keep fit and stay strong.


It doesn’t have to be a rigorous exercise, it could be strolling with your pet, jogging, swimming, having regular sex, dancing, cycling, whatever it is you feel you can do with ease, just engage yourself in it and try to be consistent.


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