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Conquering depression? Let’s take a look at how to conquer depression without medication. Depression can be defined as a state of not being able to enjoy those things which one did enjoy before. Things such as hanging out with family, friends, playing games, enjoying a good music, engaging in conversations, sexual activities and a whole lot of things which one did find pleasure in doing.

As much as we would love to think of depression as a situation which should not raise a cause for alarm, it is vital to know that by estimated figures, we have over 300 Million people across the world who suffer from depression and it cuts across various age range.

This is a very large number of the entire populace and thus depression should be taken as a serious case to deal with.

Unlike sadness, anger and mood swings which one can deal with in a very short period of time, depression spans over a long period of time.

It drains one of hope, strength, causes a loss of appetite, causes self withdrawal, UN-explained pains and aches, fatigue, poor sleep cycle, worst of all is the arousal of suicidal thought e.t.c.

There are various factors that are responsible for depression and these factors vary from one individual to another. Some of these factors are:

  • Loosing a loved one
  • Alcohol or Drug use dis-order
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer e.t.c
  • Age, gender, race and geography
  • Loosing one’s job or source of income
  • Family history with depression
  • Insecurity about a good future
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Low self esteem amongst others

The imbroglio about depression is that one cannot just snap out of it. It takes a conscious effort to deal with it. Now in a book titled ”Everything is fucked” by Mark Manson, he said that there are two parts of the brain; The feeling part and the thinking part.

The thinking part of the brain can decipher that depression is not healthy and needs to be conquered, but the feeling part of the brain tries to see reasons for which depression should be conquered or not to be conquered.

Therefore for the brain to work in harmony, the feeling and thinking parts need to be in sync.

Below are some reasons for which the feeling part of the brain justifies why one should be depressed;    

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of one’s job
  • Failed in academics
  • Loss of a huge sum of money invested in a business venture

The first step to conquering depression is a conscious effort to want to snap out of it.

Now if you have made the conundrum to conquer depression, then you need this article to fully bounce out of it with ease. Below are some well thought of practical steps to help make the journey a seamless one:


connect with loved ones to conquer depression

We all have people who love us and would go the extra mile to see that we are better. In times of depression, loved one’s (Family and Friends) when carried along see to it to help one out.

So when depressed, talk to trusted loved one’s about it, hang out with them more  and if  possible move in with them if they are far away from you.


conquer depression

Someone may ask why pets?

Well as we all know, pets have got a lot of energy and this feeling to always make its owner comfortable as much as it can.

Pets such as Dogs, Cats, Birds are examples of such pets.


In our world today there are so many Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations that seek for people to assist them in the cause which they believe in.

Most times depression arises due to the fact that we believe that we have reached the end of our world or maybe due to fact that our life is not going the way we would love for it to be.

But what if you could get to volunteer and see those whose desire is to have a bit of what you enjoy?

I believe that would help you see the need to be grateful for how far and how much you have achieved and keep striving hard to be better.


When faced with difficult situations a times, people tend to want to hit on alcohol and drugs as a way out, but the bitter truth is that it never is a way out because its effect is ephemeral.

Depression spans over a long period of time, so when the alcohol or drug wears out, one would need more doses for relieve of feelings of depression and with more doses, there could be damage to the liver and also the body system.

So drugs and alcohol should be totally avoided as a relieve mechanism. Learn to heal slowly with time.


From time immemorial, exercise has always helped in keeping people away from various ailments and also helps in keeping one physically fit.

Likewise in depressed times, exercise should not be underrated, as depression deals with loss of feelings for activities one did enjoy.

Exercise has been shown to improve endorphin levels (hormones which helps to improve one’s mood).

The beautiful part about exercise is that one doesn’t need to be athletic to indulge in it as it can be done in various ways such as dancing, swimming, strolling, taking a walk down the park, cycling, jogging amongst others.


Everyday of our life, there are things for which we are or should be thankful for such as being alive, having family and friends that care about one, having a roof over one’s head, having a meal to last you while working to get the next and so many other things.

Well if you can pen down one or two of these on a notepad you would see much more reasons to be motivated to want to come out of your depressed state. Also when going out try as much as you can to go out with the pad so you can also jot things, moments which you are grateful for.


Food is required by all individuals to go about daily activities, but its not about eating, its about eating right. Depression tends to cause people to binge on more carbs, processed and junk foods, but to help deal with depression, one has to watch what one consumes.

In a plate, take the right proportion of carbohydrate, protein, fruits and vegetable, and not to forget take a lot of water to help flush out toxins to some level and to remain hydrated.



Taking a day out to connect with the natural environment by going for a picnic or a walk in an environment that has a lot of trees, river, hills, mountains, helps a lot to deal with depression, as they give one a sense of connection to the very beauty of nature with birds singing, monkeys hopping, crickets chirping, among other fun sights to connect with.


Exposure to sunlight helps give a refreshing feeling to the body and also aids in the production of vitamin D which is essential for brain, bone and heart development. Depression is always associated with cold feelings, dark state and a cloudy mindset. But with the warmth of the sun, such state can easily be elevated, leaving the individual refreshed and with a feeling of warmth.


have a good sleep

Depression is usually associated with either a less amount of sleep or an excess amount of sleep. Whichever the case maybe, think of an activity or something you believe can help you have a better sleep cycle.

For example, if you are a lover of music, before going to bed listen to some cool songs that gives you a sense of calm and you would see that with time, after listening to such song, you would be able to fall asleep with ease and also get quality sleep.

If it be that you sleep too much, set your alarm far away from your bed so that when it rings, you would have no choice but to get out of bed to switch the alarm off, or you could make your alarm tone a song which when played, causes you to get active for the day.


a positive mindset

It is said that a man whose mindset has been defeated before a battle, has already started to loose the war.

Depression is just like a war which must be conquered by different stages of battle and during each battle even if it is a loss, a positive mindset has to be maintained.

So if you have taken the bold step to want to conquer depression, try to stay as positive as you can, surround yourself with those who harness only positive energy in their dealings and it would rub off on you and help you to stay continually positive.


Feelings of depression makes us loose interest in things we did love or enjoyed doing. But if you have taken the decision to conquer depression, try as much as you can to flame your passion for those things you have lost interest for.

It would not be easy at first, but with time, healing takes place. Old memories re-surface of when you did enjoy such activities and then your consciousness is rebuilt to love those activities again.


For what its worth, it has been shown many a times that stress hampers healing in individuals from  whatever they wish to heal from.

So to conquer depression, try as much as you can to avoid being stressed whether physically, emotionally, mentally, it should be avoided as much as possible.
And also consumption of supplements which contains omega-3-fatty acid which is an essential fatty acid that helps in brain development and boost mental activity.

Looking at the list, the use of medication is avoided, not primarily because it is not necessary but because I wish for you to heal without been dependent on drugs.

Most people who opt for drugs such as anti-depressants to help conquer depression, along the line tend to require stronger doses of the drugs to ward of depression and this could lead to an abuse of such drug.

But if the need for anti-depressants arises, you can make use of it as this list is not exclusive of other methods that you can add to make conquering depression a thing of the past.

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