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The development of Camera has been a short story of decreasing image
dimensions, increasing mechanical complication, and growing simplicity in
operation. So let’s dive into some details of cameras but first let us take a brief look at the early life of photography.

It is derived from two Greek words which when put together means “to draw by light”. Photography is art and practice of creating durable images by recording light.

To produce a photograph with a camera, the image of an object is obtained by the action of light on a well prepared surface sensitive to light by the lens, the aperture which is a measure of the lens’ light transmitting power plays a vital role. In the early centuries, folding cameras taking roll film of moderately large size were in prominent use.


They were increasingly replaced by smaller models giving pictures of a much more reduced size. Only two types of camera remained in wide use by the end of the fifties: first, the so-called miniature cameras which produces thirty six pictures of size 24 x 36 mm; and the roll-flex cameras which produces twelve pictures of size 6 x 6 cm on roll- film spools.

A newly introduced type of camera has the ability to take quick-load drop-in cartridges giving 28 x 28 mm pictures.

This brings about easy camera loading and is widely used by young photographers of today like the C.E.O of Bouncing Media.

A common characteristics among the three types of camera is that the pictures they yield are too small without enablement for enlargement without directly affecting the quality of the picture.

The most notable feature in recent development in camera design is the use of photo-electric devices within the camera which takes over control of the exposure settings.

I feel cameras are magical objects that gives us shadows instead of concrete and tangible forms.

This magical objects called cameras, through the pictures they produce, are good recorders because photographs remind us of objects we have seen, moments we’ve forgotten, places we have visited, people and friends we have met.

Sometimes these pictures represent our experiences with amazing freshness. I’d say everybody should own a camera and learn the art of photography.



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