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Sometimes, the android trick and tips are user-oriented focused on fixing bugs or otherwise developer-oriented to simply bypass or tweak something.
Twitter Fleets
It's no longer news that twitter has devised and integrated a new feature into the crazy bird app. This new feature is known as twitter fleets, but there are mysterious things I'd bet you don't know about it.
Google powered search engine
In this tutorial you will learn the step by step process you can apply to add a free Google powered search engine to your WordPress website
The development of Camera has been a short story of decreasing image dimensions, increasing mechanical complication, and growing simplicity in operation. So let’s dive into some details of cameras but first let us take a brief look at the early life of photography.
gram free website login
Welcome once again to the hub of life hacks. You must have heard about the fast growing or should I say grown messenger app called Telegram, and probably must have used it. The Telegram Company has a Gram Free website. This website was launched shortly by Telegram.
stock market crash
When we talk about investing is the stock market, there is always a subject that is almost considered a taboo: Stock Market Crash! Yes, everybody gets excited when the stock markets are going up, but at the slightest sign of a potential stock market crash, most of the amateur panic.
The most-loved Spanish heist show, ‘La Casa de Papel’ or Money Heist, returned with its fourth season, and it was such a successful season that fans are already asking for more
Famous Tom And Jerry Cartoonist Dies At 95. He made the childhoods of so many people today.
snake venom
Now I know you must be wondering how something so lethal, toxic and life threatening as a snake venom could be beneficial to you or the society at large, well I guess the only way to find out is to calmly and carefully read this enlightening and informative article drafted and prepared by expomaster.
So don’t you think it’s time to learn how to comfortably control a PC/COMPUTER without the use of a mouse, just keyboard at least to execute some basic systematic functions first or to avoid an embarrassing and unfortunate situation like the one in my story above.
create an android app using android studio
Fear not, there won't be much coding used in this tutorial, so I will assume that you know enough JPL to understand or must be willing to Google search what you don't know right away. Now lets create an android app using android studio
To nail your dream, you need to ensure your CV successfully pass the 30 seconds test.
whatsapp sticker
Hold on! Let me break it to you, creating a WhatsApp sticker is indeed dreadfully easy, even a lot easier than mixing pictures together (Pic Mix).
The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has called on all prospective candidates for its 2020 UTME to acquire the National Identification Number (NIN) as soon as possible (ASAP).
usb flash drive
I know what is going on in your mind right now. You might be thinking this is going to require a whole lot of coding and all those hectic computer jargon but hold on a little, it actually does not, It is simply just with your USB flash drive.
java games
Online games work on Java programming language and are also one of the most popular programs to create such online games and websites. Java is related to C++. However, the Java programming language is much simpler than the complex C++ language.

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