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Welcome back to the number one hub of lifehacks. As usual, I’m only interested in providing and exposing you with life-changing articles, and this time around I will be exposing the hidden ways and step by step process to mine bitcoin with Cryptotab browser.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the importance of crypto currencies or what bitcoin actually is.  

Bitcoin is currently at $18, 000 but according to projection it should hit a new all time high of $25, 000 before or at the end of 2020.

I’m pretty sure you know what that means, but in case you don’t, it simply means a lot of bitcoin investors would become billionaires, some millionaires, and some thousandaires. It all depends on the rate or level at which one had previously invested.

Now imagine earning directly in bitcoin, its crazy right, yeah I know it is.

Cryptotab browser helps you mine bitcoin and you get to earn directly in bitcoin. You can track your earnings on your Cryptotab browser dashboard which gives you a real-time or live data of your earnings as well as earning rate and speed.

Let’s Take A Look At What Is Cryptotab Browser?

Cryptotab browser is just like your normal everyday browser, it has a very friendly user interface. Cryptotab browser interface is extremely similar to that of Google Chrome browser only that it is a bit more improved compared to it as it comes with more exciting features.

What is cryptotab browser
What is cryptotab browser

Also Cryptotab browser drains less mobile data and battery compared to its counterparts.

Now considering its life changing additional feature of making it possible for you to mine and earn directly in bitcoin, I really don’t see a reason why you should not make this browser your default browser.

How Do You Get Cryptotab Browser On Your Device?

You can get Cryptotab browser on your smartphone as well as your pc with these simple steps below;

Earn in crypto currency today

To download Cryptotab browser,

Go to Google play store and search for Cryptotab browser.

Download, Install and launch the app.

Or better still, save yourself the whole stress and just click HERE to download the actual Cryptotab browser app you will need.

After doing that, sign up with your email address.

Now it’s time to activate the process of mining bitcoin with your newly downloaded Cryptotab browser. All you will need to do is to actively use the app for the first two days so mining process will get activated.

After activation ensure you make it your default browser and always make very good and daily use of the app.

With all that said,

I know it can very hard to remain on a browser or to just leave your phone idle (mining bitcoin) considering the level of attraction social media commands these days, so if you use a Smartphone, I will advise you to tap from your phones capability to split screen.

With the help of your smartphone’s split screen feature, you can open the Cryptotab browser on one section or part of your screen and allow it to continuously mine bitcoin for you while you continue with your normal social media activities.

I think it’s time for me to head straight to the cool stuff of Cryptotab browser. Actually they’re secrets and not just tips as they’re rare gem.

But before that I want to say Congratulations! Yeah you really deserve to be congratulated for first opting to view this life changing lifehacks article by expomaster and secondly for actually calmly reading it even up to this very point.

 I say Congratulations once again.

As unbelievable as it sounds, it is indeed real and paying. You can actually mine bitcoin with Cryptotab browser and withdraw directly into your bitcoin wallet once you hit the threshold.

Now let me expose the secrets to optimize your mining and without doubt increase your bitcoin earnings.


How to Increase Mining Speed With Cryptotab Browser?

One of your most frequently asked questions (FAQ) is how to increase mining speed. I know that the number of Cryptotab products is growing, but so are your opportunities.

Increase mining speed with cryptotab browser
Increase mining speed with cryptotab browser

This may seem a bit confusing right now, but don’t worry! It’s time for me to reveal all the secrets.

Although in fact, this is not a secret at all and everything is quite simple and easy.

So, do you want to earn more? Then keep reading!


You can adjust your optimal mining speed by simply moving the slider in the left bottom corner of the CryptoTab Browser window.

Easy, right? Remember about it and your profit will undeniably grow!


I am very sure that you already know about the Cloud.Boost feature of Cryptotab browser. But if not, then it’s time to check it out.

Cloud.Boost allows you to mine 10 times faster than before and increases mining speed on up to 5 linked devices! It is available on the mining dashboard in the desktop version and in Android and iOS apps.

Earn in directly in Bitcoin with cryptotab browser
Earn in directly in Bitcoin with cryptotab browser

Don’t waste much of your time and give it a try today.


Want to multiply mining speed even more? Then Super.Boost is for you. It extends the limits of Cloud.Boost and increases the speed by 100%.

Moreover, you can use it across all of your Android devices. Activate it in your Cryptotab browser pro and you’ll immediately notice the difference.


Use CT VPN! Yes, you heard right. The more stable your connection, the faster and more efficient your mining is. And you can get both just by installing a VPN service. I cannot but say that it will also provide the security of your data anytime, anywhere, even if you use a Wi-Fi connection.

So this is more like a win-win situation!

Now you know everything you need to boost your mining speed and multiply the income. As you can see, these are quite simple steps.

I think with all this vital information, I can say that I have tried my best to help you make your mining as efficient as possible.

So don’t limit yourself, use the secret tips, and enjoy the growing earnings!

Finally, as the old saying goes, sharing is caring, so please hit the share button and also feel free to drop a comment if you are having any challenges as regards this.



It is good to note that we are not putting any pressure on you to download this app (cryptotab browser) and start mining Bitcoin, you do so solely at your wish. We do not guarantee any other app for mining bitcoin.


  1. Earning from crytotab browser, will the Bitcoin i earn goes directly to my trust wallet or will it be on Cryptotab browser dashboard until I hit certain amount before moving it to my trust wallet?

    • The bitcoin will remain on your dashboard until you hit the threshold and are ready to withdraw to your bitcoin wallet. There are many bitcoin mining platform, but cryptotab browser has proven to be real and paying.
      If you need further clarification just use the comment box, I will attended to it asap.


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