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People often ask me how I manage to run Expomaster, be an extremely active student, as well as still display a high and healthy level of social lifestyle. They’re all big and important areas of my life, and some may assume I end up sacrificing one for the others, but no I don’t, it’s just all about balance.

But the truth is, all of these are integral parts of who I am, and I wouldn’t be able to make it work if I didn’t strike a balance with each of them. Despite that, I make time for myself too, as self-care is so important for your wellbeing.

My form of self-care is in ensuring I’m healthy and fit. I exercise every day, I consume less sugar and avoid substances that pose a threat to my wellbeing. I also cultivate a good sleeping habit. Mentally, I make sure to read at least an hour each day to ensure I’m constantly learning something new. This can be as easy as reading for 15 minutes after breakfast, 15 minutes during my commute to work and 30 minutes before going to bed.

I also make it a point to connect with mentors and other successful individuals who can give me advice and insight to excelling further in the different areas of my life.

And with my friends, it’s all about establishing good communication and compassion. I make it a point of duty to listen to their ideas, feelings and any goals they might have. Weekly, I set aside 3 hours where I will make it all about what I learnt from them. Guy’s this is important! It really is.

balance in life

Now, when it comes to work, it’s all about having a forward thinking mindset. I’ve learnt to set up a solid team that is accountable and reliable so I don’t have to micromanage, and can delegate confidently. We work around a flexible schedule as a distributed team.

At the end of the day, finding balance has a lot to do with your mindset and adaptability. Each day is different, but if you know what your priorities are, you’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they’re met.


Personally, I always desire to be better than I was yesterday. So I am on a constant quest for change and improvement to become a better person in general.

So if you want to find a better balance in your life right now, then thoroughly go through this article over again and take a time to ponder on it, it might just be the stepping stone you need to set that balance for good.

It’ll help shift your mindset about your own life balance, and how to find happiness and success in all areas of your life. The first step is to break free from your limitations, and start embracing obstacles as opportunities.


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