Yes! Yes! Its real, you can actually make money, real and withdrawable cash
online. I said withdrawable there because I know you must have tried making
money from various survey website online which worked out but unfortunately
you were unable to withdrawal your hard earned money, after all the time and
internet data you must have invested. I must say, it is indeed very painful,
frustrating and hope killing which is exactly why in this article, I will be
elaborating on the various ways you can make real and withdrawable money
online. Each chapter of this article will be explaining and presenting you with
different ideas, options and opportunities on how you can make money online.
Many of us; just like me and you in particular reading this tailored article right now
spend almost all of our time online, I must tell you I live nothing less than 18hours
of my life on net, that’s mad right? Yea! I know. So join me and fasten your seat
belt let me drive you through this wonderful and eye opening tailored article that
you will surely benefit from.
Disclaimer: I must warn you the road to online success is not totally smooth, there
will be bumps and gallops as we drive through the roads of online success but
worry not, for I am a very good driver even better than Jason Statham.
So in this chapter I will be elaborating on one of the three most popular and
guaranteed ways to make money online which is through Graphic Design.
I know you may not be a graphic designer but come on nobody was born a graphic
designer. Just try learning the skill or should I say art.
In case you don’t know who a graphic designer is; is an artist who coins lots of
information into one or more printable formats or one who creates images for a
specific purpose such as advertising.

So now you are asking; how you can make money online through graphic design?
Well this is how; Google platforms where you can be hired as a freelancer, after
which you sign up then create an extremely attractive gig (an engaging advert
showing your graphic designing prowess) then wait and watch as employers roll to
your inbox for your services. Yes it’s that easy but one thing you must avoid doing
is placing a very high fee for your services no matter how good you are in your job
because you will only be scaring potential employers away, also do not charge a
very low fee for your services if not you will be perceived as a newbie by your
employers so try charging a moderate fee then slowly increase it as your popularity
on the platform grows.
Some of the tried and tested platforms are;
1 Fiverr.
2 99design.
3 Upwork.
4 Freelancer.
5 MyGraphic.
6 Peoples per hours.
7 Guru.
8 Design Hill.
9 Toptal.
10 Airtasker.
Hope you had a nice ride on this article, I bet you did, I trust my driving skills.

So while you run to the nearest computer institute to learn graphic design, check out the part two of this article, the current skills you possess might just be fit to execute the methods and process there on how to make real and withdrawable money online.

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and gives me the push to want to do more.



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