As we all know the submission of CV’s has been a routine exercise recently in our country Nigeria, individuals go around from one office to another submitting application letters and CV’s but unfortunately, at the end of the day he or she won’t even be invited for a job interview let alone get appointed. This has been the annoying case for so many job seekers in Nigeria today.

This calmly written article will help you secure or should I say nail that job you have been seeking for with the perfect and mesmerizing curriculum vitae.

First your CV has to successfully pass the 30 seconds test. Yes no single employer will spend more than 30 seconds perusing your application details; your CV precisely, and to get a job in Nigeria it only takes 30 seconds for an employer to decide to request to meet you for an interview. Yea that sounds crazy right, but that’s just the concrete fact.

So let’s answer the questions; how does your CV pass the 30seconds test? And how do you nail that dream job of yours with the perfect looking curriculum vitae.

DO NOT BEGIN YOUR CV WITH THE WORD “CURRICULUM VITAE”: For it is indeed incredibly wrong. It takes only five (5) seconds to capture a homo sapiens’s attention and to do that, you need a highly mesmerizing headline. Always start your CV with your name as the heading, boldly written at the top and with a captivating font; I would recommend “Cooper black” and “Copperplate Gothic”.


After captivating your said to be employer with a mesmerizing headline, you indubitably won’t want to lose such a promising attention the employer is giving your CV at the moment with a childish and irresponsible email address such as “” , that alone can prove to be very costly. It costs absolutely nothing to open a new e-mail address so why not do so using your name as it is and eradicate that childish and irresponsible look from your CV.


In the work experience section, you are expected to add details of where you have previously worked and when. Please do not forget to add the duties/responsibilities you execute or carried out in the course of working in a particular organization. What I’m saying is this; after writing the name of the organization and position held, add a sub heading “duties” and underneath it write all what you were in charge of doing or did in the course of that job. Also note that you are not required to include all your work experience in your CV; add only work experience relating to the job you are applying for at that time.


This I would say is even the most important of all. This is the key part an employer looks at immediately after taking a brief look at your “bio data”. Ensure you posses at least two valuable skill and as many professional certification as possible. Employers know that your educational qualification won’t be the entity working for them; it is the skill you must have acquired that does so and shows just how capable you are for the job.

Yes that is pretty much all you need. Get all these I listed above correctly and the job you dearly seek for is all but yours.

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