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Welcome to expomaster, the number one hub of Lifehacks and make money online ideas. You must have asked the question before or been asked by someone else; How to start a business without money?

As ridiculous as it sounds, it is indeed possible to start a business without money or should I say without capital.

Startup money or capital has proven to be a major stumbling block to so many individuals with astounding ideas looking to venture into various businesses.

As a result of the daily increasing question of how to start a business without money, I’ve decided to come up with this article to adequately answer that question and help encourage as many people as possible who stumble on this article to start a business even if the start-up money is not available.


Obviously, it’s not all kinds of businesses you can start without money as there’re so many that are highly capital intensive.

So I’ll be listing the lucrative businesses you can start without money.

But before that, take a deeply thoughtful look at one of my personal new quotes, it might just help.

“Look for a common but difficult problem, solve it and make yourself some money”

Expomaster (Chibuzor Lawrence), 2021.


This is the first on my list. You can start graphics design without money as long as you’ve previously acquired the skill and mastered it. And probably own a laptop.

Even if you’re yet to master the art of graphic designing, you can learn more about it on YouTube, by watching helpful videos or better still, you can take a free course on Udemy, Coursera, or check out the trial period of Graphics design training in Shaw Academy.

All these training are totally and completely free of charge. You’ll only be dedicating your time and staid attitude towards it.

Now, after learning and mastering the concept of graphic designing, it is time to turn it into a profitable business.

How do you start graphic design business without money?

All you need do is simply to create awareness for yourself. Let people know you exist solely as a professional and reliable graphic designer.

One who delivers exciting, unique and mouthwatering designs and does so in a relatively shorter period of time.

You can create a gig on as many freelancing platforms as possible, and start making hundreds of dollars every single week.

Like I said there’s no startup money required to do this, just time and seriousness and oh! a laptop.

graphic design business without money
graphic design business without money
Freelancing platforms I will suggest for you to create a gig and start earning passive income includes;
  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiver
  4. Truelancer
  5. Simply hired
  6. Aquent
  7. Crowded
  8. Design hill
  9. Toptal and
  10. 99Designs Among others

You can as well utilize the various social media (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram) platforms available to promote yourself.

Promoting yourself on social media platforms has to be something done on a regular and relentlessly so as to be put yourself (your image/brand/business) on the top of the very first on every viewer’s mind in need of a graphic designer.


As odd as this might sound to you, you can start a repair business without money. All you need do is run a subterranean survey of appliances, materials, or any substance at all that’s so vivacious to everyday human life.

Then weigh the difference in cost of purchasing a brand new material with respect to the cost of repairing.

If the difference is reasonably high then that means that people will opt for repair more instead of choosing to buy a new one.

So take out time to learn how to repair the said device and start marketing yourself.

I have a friend (Onwubuariri joseph) who was willing to bend his back and learn wig revamping during the holidays, today he’s gradually crunching it with his wig revamping skill.


the pen writing

This is another business you can start without money, only that it requires a bit of talent and love for the art.

Content writing is perceptibly not as easy as it sounds, most people feel it’s all about brainstorming and writing on a particular topic, but it actually takes more than that.

The choice of word, expression and structure of your sentence is of paramount importance, not to mention the level of uniqueness it demands.

But not to scare you, you can essentially learn the art, and with a certain level of interest in it, you could even become a pro in the writing space.

In order to turn this skill into a profitable business, you could check out the aforementioned freelancing platforms and create an outstanding profile for yourself.


You can also check out the obliging article above.


After going through all these businesses you can start without money, you’d notice that acquiring a skill is of extreme importance to actually make it happen.

I will always urge you to learn a lucrative skill while in school or preferably before getting into school (higher institution per se).

social media influencer business without money

Becoming a widely known social media influencer like (@jaypeeohh) takes a huge chunk of time and dedication, but the benefits later on far outweigh that.

Just look for a certain type or kind of content and build your audience around it.

For more details on how to become a successful social media influencer, read the article below


Furthermore, there are steps to follow before venturing into any of the businesses you can start without the money revealed above.

The steps include;

  • Identify your passion.
  • Emancipate out your ideas.
  • Research your market.
  • Evaluate your competition.
  • Calculate your risks.
  • Device a business plan.
  • Set up the business without money.


In conclusion, read through from the top once again,

so as to get a clearer picture of what this article is all about

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