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understanding love begins or should begin at home as nature prescribed. You might say because you don’t have a place you can boldly call home so therefore love does not apply to you, I must say; if you see it like that, then your definition of the word “home” is totally wrong. Home simply means dad and mom, brothers and/or sisters, friends and even anyone or anybody you can confide in.

Home also means spouse and the children. It should create an avenue for you to write about and understand love instead of seeking it.

The topic is mostly attributed to marriages but not restrained to it. It applies to siblings, spouses, family, friends, neighbors, communities, tribes, the world and you in particular reading this article this very moment. Love is the most important word in the English language as well as in the Holy Bible and it is indeed the most confusing.

A certain man has been married for good nineteen (19) years but still didn’t get it write because he went through divorce thrice. Turns out he lacked understanding; understanding of love and the understanding of how to love.

The lack of understanding of love and how to love is part of the reason the world is in crisis and there are so many cases of divorce in our country.

The topic of this article is what millions of married and divorced persons are asking, some are asking friends, some are asking counselors and clergy, and some are asking themselves.

Sometimes the answers are couched in psychological research jargon that is almost incomprehensible. Sometimes they are couched in humor and folklore.

Most of the jokes and pithy sayings contain some truth but they are like offering an aspirin to a person with cancer. Both secular and religious thinkers agree that love plays a central role in life.

We are told that “love is the highest intoxicating agent”, “love is a many-splendor-ed thing” and that “love makes the world go around” same as the want to have paper called “money”.

Numerous philosophical and theological system have made a prominent place for love. And the founders of the Christian faith wanted love to be the distinguishing characteristics of his followers.

The Christian apostle, Paul, to the Gentiles, exalted love when he indicated that all human accomplishments that are not motivated by love are, in the end, empty.

Understanding Love,

He concluded that in the last scene of the human drama, only three characters would remain; “faith, hope and love” but the greatest of these is love.

what happened to understanding love

The understanding or knowledge of love is deeply rooted in our psychological makeup. Psychologist have concluded that the need to feel loved is a primary human emotional need.

For love, we will climb mountains, cross seas, traverse desert sands and endure untold hardship, toils and disappoints.

Without understanding love, mountains become unimpeachable, seas uncross-able, deserts unbearable and hardships our plight in life.

The topic of love is discussed in almost every media; books, television, radios, as well as songs. Therefore, keeping love alive is a serious business.

In early childhood development, each child develops unique emotional patterns. Most children, for example develop a pattern of low self-esteem whereas others have healthy self-esteem.

While some develop emotional pattern of insecurity whereas others grow up feeling very secure. Some children grow up feeling loved, wanted, and appreciated yet, others grow up feeling unloved, unwanted and unappreciated.

The children who feel loved by their parents and peers will develop a primary emotional love understanding based on their unique psychological makeup and the way their parents and other significant persons expressed love to them.

Children who do not feel loved by their parents and/or peers will also develop a primary love understanding.

However, it will be somewhat distorted in much the same way as some children may learn poor grammar and have an underdeveloped vocabulary.

That poor programming does not mean they cannot understand love but it does mean they’ll will have to work at it effortlessly than those who had a positive model. Seldom do a husband and wife have the same understanding of love.


Showing love to people makes them feel important in this world and eases a lot of stress. No one will commit a painful and shameful act such as suicide or even incur the thought if such a person was shown love from those around.

Therefore, at this juncture, I order you, yes you reading this article now to try as much as possible to spread love wherever you go or find yourself.

Always try to let love lead.

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