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As suspicious and tricky as it may seem, China are somewhat sincere in the assistance they are offering Nigeria in the fight against coronavirus (covid19).

“The Chinese are a grateful people. As a Chinese saying goes, ” give a plum in return for a peach. ”

“Helping Nigeria at the latter’s request is one way to reciprocate its kindness and friendship. It is also in line with international humanitarianism and vision advocated by President Xi Jimping of building a community with shared future for mankind.

“China would never stand by and leave its friends in difficulty.

“The help China offers doesn’t involve any selfish interest. We have confidence in Nigeria’s capability to defeat the virus ultimately. And we believe Nigeria will continue to treat the Chinese nationals here in Nigeria as its own.

“Despite the daunting task of this epidemic control, remaining at home, China firmly supports Nigeria’s fight against the outbreak and stands ready to assist, if needed to the best of its capacity.

“We will continue to share experiences and try to provide medical supplies to Nigeria in a bid to prevail over this outbreak.

“China will continue to prove itself as a good friend and partner of Nigeria through concrete actions.

coronavirus (covid19)

“This joint battle against the COVID-19 will surely strengthen trust and cooperation between China and Nigeria. ”

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