On every single pack of cigarettes there is a boldly written warning which reads "The Federal Ministry of Health warns that smokers are liable to die young ", thatis not just a mere threat neither is it an erroneous maxim meant to deter people from smoking, but it was stated to bring to the public the peril and dangers of smoking to one’s life. But unfortunately no smoker adheres to this warning nor tries to reduce the rate at which he or she smokes, in fact many sees it as an ordinary advert on the cigarette pack. That might be funny but I tell you solemnly, it is not.
snake venom
Now I know you must be wondering how something so lethal, toxic and life threatening as a snake venom could be beneficial to you or the society at large, well I guess the only way to find out is to calmly and carefully read this enlightening and informative article drafted and prepared by expomaster.
So don’t you think it’s time to learn how to comfortably control a PC/COMPUTER without the use of a mouse at least to execute some basic systematic functions first or to avoid an embarrassing and unfortunate situation like the one in my story above.
create an android app using android studio
Yes! You once might have an inspiration about creating your own social media application or a gaming application like PUB G but unfortunately due to the lack of required skill to do so, you just gave up the idea. Well that’s exactly why is here; to let you know that these things are actually so easy than you can ever imagine even with android studio.
The only way you can solve a problem is by first identifying the problem in that way you can come up with a better solution, which is why I present this calmly engineered article to help you identify those issues and problems preventing you from taking a step forward from your current state.
As we all know the submission of CV’s has been a routine exercise recently in our country Nigeria, individuals go around from one office to another submitting application letters and CV’s but unfortunately, at the end of the day he or she won’t even be invited for a job interview let alone get appointed. This has been the annoying case for...
If you want to develop your brain, that is improve the rate at which your brain works, responds, thinks, scan, cram and store information as well as other brainy functions, this is a list of some things you must do.
Hold on! Let me break it to you, creating a WhatsApp sticker is indeed dreadfully easy, even a lot easier than mixing pictures together (Pic Mix).
The most disturbing problem is the overly increasing high rate of divorce in marriages of this current age.
Brain tumor
A brain tumor is an anthology, or mass of abnormal cells in your brain. Your skull, which encloses your brain, is very rigid; any growth inside such a restricted space can cause serious problems.